The Anchor

L-R:  Page, Aaron, Linzey, Ryan, and Cory of The Anchor

L-R:  Page, Aaron, Linzey, Ryan, and Cory of The Anchor

The Anchor Ascends

By Greg Hartman

The Anchor is not a typical metal band.  Of course, almost every band tries to do something to stand out, but the Anchor achieves this by not trying at all.  They don’t try to fit into any of metal’s regular tropes and instead stand squarely where they first find themselves:  enjoying playing music for their fans, friends, and family.  The lead singer is a high school teacher, the band went viral for food recipies, and the lead guitarist doesn’t have a metal face to speak of.  They are also play incredibly tight metal core with vocals that scream and growl better than many national acts.

The Anchor’s core has been Cory Henaire and Linzey Rae, who have played together for several years.  They have added guitarist Ryan Miller, a drummer known only as Aaron, and bassist Page Dante to record their first full album.  Cory creates the blueprints to the songs, which then are passed along for the band to learn and adjust.  The music is heavily influenced by August Burns Red and Atreyu, yet stands on its own.  Linzey handles the lyrics and primary vocals.  Yes, you didn’t misread that.  The voice you hear on their first commercially available single, “Greenbow County” is the young English teacher standing in the middle of the group picture.

Linzey has become a minor internet sensation since a video went viral in January.  She presented a recipe for shepherd's pie using her full-metal growls, which has resulted in over 1.3 million views and mentions on Metal Insider and Billboard.  Its hard to argue with her delivery of: “home cooked meals do less to my thighs/ I choose to make shepherd's pie”.  The band has continued to create great Youtube content, with covers of metal core staples and more tongue in cheek productions like A-ha’s “Take on Me” with Hannah Maddox of Scarlet Canary.  Despite the extra attention these novelties bring, the band sticks to their original material in concert.

Those original songs are what make The Anchor a can’t-miss show.  Lyrically, Linzey draws on life experiences to convey the message that “it's okay not to be okay”.  Their motivational message is a badge of pride for the group.  Screaming an allegory from a Dr. Suess story (“The Waiting Place”) can be just as emotional as the anger found in other metal.  The band is not angry and doesn’t try and push a false front, as epitomized by Cory smiling ear to ear whenever he plays a breakdown.  Metal purists be damned, The Anchor stays true to themselves.

The Anchor is playing on Sunday, September 11th at Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, CO with headliners Hunterss and September Mourning.  Local openers, Wolfson, get the show started at 7:00 for $10 advanced or $13 at the door.