New Music Videos
By Greg Hartman

Faith Piotrowski
Don’t Run Away

The first release from Faith’s new solo approach, “Don’t Run Away” has pop and Americana elements built into an upbeat alternative rock song.  Faith’s voice is on full display as she sings about fighting angels and demons to find joy in life. The video can be found on multiple platforms, while the song is available on cdbaby for purchase.

The Tankerays
I Hate that Lamp

The lead single to the band’s first major release takes its cues from pulp novels.  There is imagery of a lamp with a caption of “much hatred”, as the band plays in a creepy abandoned house.  The black and white, grainy film completes the vibe for a fun music video that will serve as an introduction to the band for the rest of the country as “Aztec Death Whistle” continues to be promoted.

Peach Street Revival
King/ Beautiful Mind

970 Wests Studios continued their feature on local musicians in March with Peach Street Revival.  With new drummer Sofia Benham, the foursome recorded two of their original songs for the video series.  King was released on 3/28 and Beautiful mind on 4/4.

The crew at 970 used the classic sound of the songs to get creative with video effects.  Bassist Jordan Will said, “They tried a bunch of new stuff out on us, like more camera movement and psychedelic effects.”