Masks recently worn by Augmented

Masks recently worn by Augmented

Ryan’s Birthday Show
By Greg Hartman

Normally we wouldn’t dedicate a full article to one bar show, but this one has enough unique elements that it deserves a bit more attention.  First of all, it is the birthday party for local rock and roll agitator Ryan Harrison. Between his online presence as frontman for the NC-17’s and booking artists coming through town, few people have influenced the recent music scene than Ryan.

Second, the show is bringing in a rare showing from Augmented.  The hard rock/metal hybrid band has not played in GJ since Local Jam 18, as they’ve prepared their long awaited album.  That album may not quite be at Chinese Democracy levels, but let’s just say I’ve been waiting for it since this magazine started.  The band has been through a lead singer, a period as a three piece, and now has the front man they’ve needed, Dylan Cox. I’ve seen the band melt faces and I’ve seen them struggle over that time, and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

Third, is the addition of W.ill.  When one wants an iconoclast party, why not mix punk, metal, and hip hop?  W.ill just got done releasing his first album at Intrinzik in Montrose and is a regular adding in some freestyles at open mics, or some of his originals.  W.ill has some great solo recordings and he really shines as a collaborator, bringing out the best with those he works with.

Lastly, to put the candles on this already great layered cake, the show is at Quincy’s.  Yeah, the Q is now doing music again, or at least for one night. Long known for its jukebox, DJ, or karaoke, this will be the first live show at Quincy’s in years.  Ask anyone who has been watching the music scene and this show makes no sense and that is why it is destined to be awesome or an ultimately entertaining meltdown. Who knows what to expect, other than your money’s worth, as admission is free.  I know I’ll be there.