Wave 11 at the Downtown Music Festival

Wave 11 at the Downtown Music Festival

Rock the Warehouse 2019
6/14 + 6/15

The weekend of June 15th is going to be busy, with both Country Jam and Palisade Bluegrass and Roots festivals in full swing.  That seems to be a lot of festival for just a slice of musical genres. To help balance that, Warehouse 2565 is joining with Local Jam for the second year of Rock the Warehouse.  Featuring some of the best flavors of rock and roll in the Grand Valley, the Friday and Saturday are a free alternative to the expensive festivals and sun burn.

Friday features the groove-centered rock and roll of Soul Habit.  Their horn section is a bright beam of energy designed to get the crowd on their feet, or at least tapping them from their bar stools.  They have been a mainstay at the Downtown Music Festival and were a big hit at Local Jam 19. Check out their song “Sounds like a Party” on the Local Jam 19 Soundcloud mix link at grandvalleylive.com.

Friday’s follow up is alt rock standouts Union of None.  More can be found in our coverage of the Downtown Music Festival, but suffice to say they play music well.  Their selection of covers from the 80’s and 90’s are a mix of songs you want to hear and some that you didn’t know that you wanted to hear, but should be pleasantly surprised.  Songs ranging from pop punk to grunge to new wave. They’ll be sure to have a few new selections to offer if you’ve caught them before.

Saturday starts off with the progressive hard rock of The Company.  The group is closing in on completing their second album, an ambitious exploration of the cosmos through guitar and drums.  While the album won’t be released until later summer, you’ll be able to hear most of it during their opening set. Like a harder rocking Pink Floyd or a less industrial Tool, The Company has found their groove and is prepared to share it.

Last up on Saturday is the dynamic trio of Wave 11.  Regular GVL readers know that they keep getting bigger and more attention.  Drummer Derek Suiter has settled in as primary percussion, as Zac Couron swaps between looping guitar and bass tracks and Charles “Chuck J” Walker does a bit of percussion, rapping, singing, and mostly whatever he feels like.  When it comes to raw performance and stage presence, not many bands in the Grand Valley can stand toe to toe with Wave 11. Their first full album is set to be released this summer, so expect to hear a strong set of originals and their take on covers.

If spending hundreds of dollars on festival tickets isn’t on your itinerary for 6/14 and 6/15, join us for two free nights of music at Warehouse 2565.  The food is top notch, the beer is cold, and the AC will be roaring. Come Rock the Warehouse with Local Jam and get a free T-shirt while you’re at it.