Peach Street Revival at Local Jam 19

Peach Street Revival
By Greg Hartman

Once there was a band called Bicycle Annie.  No one knows why they were called that, but it stuck in people’s minds.  That band went through several bassists until Jordan Will joined. Her showy, yet precise style fit in well for the rock cover band.  The band ended up recruiting a singer who could expand their song selections to include 60’s and 70’s rock. She went by the moniker Gonzales.  Bicycle Annie had several big shows and were asked to play by a lot of people. Eventually, though, the group split into two and Jordan and Gonzales chose to strike out on their own and the remaining members made the transition towards forming Union of None.

At about the same time there was another band called The Navigators.  Formed from musicians who played at Fruita’s Cavalcade, the group was successful and many people wanted to see them play.  Cooper Schull played guitar impressively, showing off his ability to play both original and cover music influenced by classic rock and roll.  One day, though, the band was forced to split up and Cooper was looking for a new band to play for.

Eventually Gonzales, Jordan, and Cooper came together to form a new band.  They recruited talented journeyman drummer Rob Labig to form Peach Street Revival.  After some success, including playing at local venues and festivals the band and Rob parted ways.  Thankfully, Cooper knew a new, great drummer from his time playing at the Cavalcade. Sofia Benham was brought in to finalize the group’s line up.

Peach Street Revival then proceeded to rock every square mile of the Grand Valley.  They recorded two singles at Fusion Audio Solutions and were featured in a live review by Grand Valley Live.  Their mix of classic rock covers and similarly inspired originals fit in perfectly with Cooper’s experience and Jordan and Gonzales had already established their live chemistry with Bicycle Annie.  Their largest triumph came when they were asked to headline the Downtown Music Festival, playing to hundreds at 4th and Main in Grand Junction. They were also favorites as Sunday Co-Headliners for Local Jam 19.

Their Local Jam set turned out to be a warm up for their next big gig, opening for KC and the Sunshine Band at Las Colonias on September 1st.  While that show falls between our press deadline and printing, there is little doubt that it will continue to grow the group’s popularity. The band has a few more shows in September, including the Ale House on September 6th and September 20th at Palisade Brewery.

Going forward, the band has plans to travel to Las Angeles to record their original songs and continue to expand their festival presence.  Given their meteoric rise to one of the most popular bands in Western Colorado, their continued trajectory promises many more great shows and achievements.