Papadosio - Mesa Theater 1/31
by Zac Grant

Papadosio is a technologically driven force that incorporates new, and engaging sounds into their already organic music.  This combination makes them a stand alone in the ever-growing jam/festival scene. The band averages over 150 shows a year, in every corner of the United States, with dates emerging across Europe as well.   

Although this will be the band’s first live appearance in Grand Junction, they are no strangers to the Colorado Music Scene.  They’ve become a regular headliner of the Red Rocks season the last few years. As their fan base continues to grow and evolve, so does their music.  I’ve always had respect for bands that implement electronic sounds into their music live, but no one does it more tastefully than Ashville’s, Papadosio.

I had a chance to talk with Keyboardist and Vocalist, Sam Brouse, about the band’s tour schedule, the age of technology, and their latest studio release.     

Papadosio originated in Athens, OH, but have since relocated to Ashville, NC.  Brouse states, “Getting out of Ohio was important.” He added, “It just made sense to move to a more centralized location for touring purposes.”  Sam joined the band back in 2010 after he dropped out of school during his senior year at college in New York. Now, 8 years after joining the group, Papadosio unleashes its 7th full-length studio album – “Content Coma”.  

Content Coma has a motif throughout the album that Sam notes, “…Is a venting of frustration.”  Their frustration stemming from the world we live in – the age of information. “We constantly are seeing people on their phones, with their heads down and faces lit up by screens.  It’s changed the way we interact with one another, myself and my own relationships included,” says Brouse.

Papadosio has always found a way to spread consciousness through their music in such a way that keeps people coming back.  Newcomers turn into lifetime fans, as they incorporate physical art into their performances as well, with notable collaborations including artists such as Morgan Mandala and Alex Grey.  

For those who are unfamiliar with Papadosio, I urge you to attend their concert on January 31st at the Mesa Theater.  The band has an unwavering ability to capture their audience with the original, organic, electronically, and lyrically driven music that has kept me fan since the first time I saw them live in 2012.  Tickets are now available at the Mesa Theater Box office, or online through

See you guys on the dance floor.