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Palisade Brewing Company – Love Potion #9: For The Love Of Beets
By Kristian Hartter

Palisade's Love Potion series is never pedestrian. It always shines with character that sets it apart from most beers, and even from the other offerings from Palisade. This beer is based on a traditional farmhouse ale and showcases the slightly funky, earthy traits commonly found in those beers.

The flavors are similar to a mildly funky saison, focusing on bright, citrus flavors, but the addition of beets adds a distinctly earthy character. It reminds me of wood, maybe sandalwood or palo santo. The beets really come through in the nose of the beer adding a sweetness to the clean malt character. It is a deep copper color with almost no hint of the red that the beets would typically impart. Made with a classic French saison yeast strain (DuPont) and one of the most traditional of German derived malts (Pilsen), this beer is a great Summer beer without being the standard lawnmower variety.

In order not to overpower the subtle and time-tested farmhouse ale ingredients, only 5 of the 17 barrels that made up the batch were rested on about 6o lbs of beets for 2 weeks. A Cascade hop addition was used sparingly during brewing, just enough to add the bitter balance needed bringing the finished beer to 20 IBU. At 6.1% ABV, it is just more than sessionable but still very drinkable. The finish is decidedly dry while the mouthfeel is soft on the palate. I love how the hint of beets plays with the ale making it memorable as it stands apart from anything else I have had.

In short, they always go all-in for their beer and fans.  They always give it their all, whether it be making unique beers, killing it with their flagship offerings, or supporting their community. The GV Live team would like to offer them a special thanks for supporting this year's Local Jam bands.

Editor’s note:  Beer, Beets, Badasses