Augmented at Local Jam 19’s Fusion Audio Solutions Stage.

Augmented at Local Jam 19’s Fusion Audio Solutions Stage.

Local Jam 19
By Dave Brewer

This month I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved with local jam. This was a HUGE step for us this year. When we discussed moving to Las Colonias, we didn’t think there was a chance we could pull it off. Financially it would be a big gamble, but thank you Maria and Jessie from Pinnacle for working with us. You guys gave us the confidence to go ahead. 

The next step was to find sponsors. We burned up miles, pounded the pavement, talked to anyone who would give us a couple of minutes, late nights, early mornings. Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad, but we did talk to a lot of businesses. Even with all our wonderful sponsors it still wouldn’t have happened without Dave and his crew from Snob Productions. Thank you for the equipment and volunteer crew. 

Jan at Hart Music donated the raffle guitar, which was signed by most of the 126 performers. Thank you to Zolopht for donating because they were under contract to open or UB40, as well as Timberline Bank, Volleys, and Rocky Mountain Health Plans.  The Palisade Brewing Company donated backstage beer for the musicians. Thank you to Ty and Amanda at Planet Audio the advertising. Jeff, Mike, and Cody from Zippy Capo Enterprises worked the Fusion Audio Stage sound. Finally, and most importantly, I wish to thank Happy Camper dispensary for becoming our title sponsor. 

We had 42* bands this year. This is an unusually large number given the population of the valley. These are all performing bands, playing venues around town, the Western Slope, and in a few cases national tours. The talented musicians in these bands spend countless hours practicing, rehearsing, and travelling to venues for the love of entertaining and a little pay. They do it because they have to. It’s in their blood. Playing music is what makes them live, it comes from their soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating your time and talents for this event. 

A pat on the back to Jeff, Greg, and myself for organizing and pulling this off. Jeff did a great job on the marketing and advertising. Greg is the heart of Local Jam. He is out almost every weekend listening to bands, meeting the members. Then starting in March starts recruiting bands, figuring out time slots, and where to fit everyone. It is a very difficult job, but Local Jam couldn’t exist without him. Thank you Greg. Oh and for me?  I own the pickup. 

Most importantly, to you the fans, we all owe you a year round thank you. You guys are out supporting the venues and bands playing in them. This is the reason music is alive in the valley. It’s not just the local bands, national acts are starting to hear about Grand Junction’s music scene and are booking here on their tour schedules. Again I want to say.....YOU are the reason for all of this.

Local Jam’s purpose is to bring the entire music community (fans and bands) together for a weekend celebration of music. This has been the most successful one thus far. Three days (thank you Barons for Friday) of music. 42 bands and only one 8 minute delay. Blame the wind...we were saving the second stage from blowing away. If anyone has suggestions on how we can do better next year send comments to Again thank you all.

Dave Brewer is the Sound Guy at Warehouse 2565 and has run sound at 4 out of the 5 Local Jams.

*editors note: we had 41 distinct musical acts and 43 time slots scheduled.