Dave Brewer, Vickie McGee, Jeff Steele, and Greg Hartman

Dave Brewer, Vickie McGee, Jeff Steele, and Greg Hartman

Local Jam 18 Live
By Greg Hartman

With 34 bands over 3 days, Local Jam 18 was a great display of the western slope’s talent.  Genres ranged from punk and metal to folk. Many of the artists have released albums for their fans and others are currently in the studio.  While a good play list may recall the fun and community of the festival, Taylor Riley sought out to create something special.

Taylor took the raw feed from the mixing board from many of the bands, sorted through which songs came best, and has mixed and mastered 16 songs for a live album.  The resulting tracks sound incredibly rich and with enough of a system, it feels like being back at Local Jam, only with air conditioning. The tracks include songs from both outdoor stages, including tracks from headliners Mount Orchid, Suckafish, and Stray Grass.  The songs can currently be streamed on Soundcloud, with a planned physical release.

Atlantic City - Shaun Ray
This solo cover of the Bruce Springsteen track showcases Shaun’s ability to convey authentic emotion in his voice and brightens the somewhat dark song up.  

That Guy Thinks My Girlfriend’s Hot - Shea & Larren
This popular pop/country song tells the story of a headliner paying extra attention to Shea’s girlfriend. There is a great balance between humor and cincertity in the lyrics, just as it balances rock, country, and pop styles.

Sounds Like a Party - Soul Habit
The horns and guitars make this one the most self evidently named songs.  Lead singer Dylan Cox lists off plenty of party supplies while the band keeps the song full of funky energy.

Suckafish - (Too Drunk to) Drive
Rockareggae trio Suckafish strikes another singable song that tells the story of cruising North Avenue to meet people, while avoiding police attention.  The band’s provocative humor is on full display, as well as melodies that are hard to forget.

Landward Rogues - Tea Time
This track is a throwback song, where Misti Dawn sings about having a variety of tea that may or may not have a hint of innuendo.  Harmonica and strings conjure a scene of grainy footage that could be a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

Truckstop Quickies - Something in the Water
The full fury of the Quickies is caught here, with blazing guitars, punk rock shouts, and fun harmonies.  The song questions everyone else’s sanity while also begging to be saved from all the insanity around.

Wave 11 - Two Worlds
From the looping bass guitar intro, Wave 11 build the tension slowly before crashing into a rocking, hip hop laced story about how the band came to be.  Recently featured in a live video from 970 studios, this version of the song captures the fading heat of a summer day.

Cody Snow - Ayla
Utilizing looping harmonies and guitar, Cody creates a choir of one that soars to the heavens.  A tribute to nature, lyrics start after 2 minutes of gradually building vocal samples. The performance at Local Jam had everyone transfixed and some of that magic was thankfully caught.

El Camino Burnout - Driving Too Fast
Even if you’ve never caught the band, you’ll swear you’ve heard this song before.  The highly talented El Camino Burnout creates new songs that blur decades of rock and roll, showing grunge and alternative influences along with 70’s and 80’s hard rock.

Five 14 - Colorado Girl
A song that catches the magic of living in the Grand Valley, this song describes the beauty of the land from the Mesa to Arches.  The climate is described by the ability to wear Chacos from March to November, while a chorus celebrates a life of simplicity and happiness.

Freeway Donna - Highway Hannah
A beat, distorted guitar, and the soaring voice of Talya Dewey are the components that add up to an impressive performance.  The duo has continued to build their personal blend of rock and roll, which they continue to refine. This recording is a fun snapshot of their progress.

Stray Grass - I Can’t Wait
The last band of Local Jam 18, this song was recorded as the evening took over the afternoon.  The fitting lyrics including the “setting of my sun” were well timed for this excellent performance of one of Stray Grass’s most popular songs.

HopeKings - The Proposal
This song served as the proposal for singer Lance Hopkins and it is full of the energy of young love.  The song has plenty of influence from 50’s rock, with guitar and piano featured.

LPB - Pillows
Matt Lincoln and Nick Pants invited Kevin Mahoney on stage for this rollicking, fun song.  The electricity of a live performance is caught on this track, as Mahoney adds in extra vocals and the two talented guitarists keep the energy flowing.

Mount Orchid - Wallflower Child
The highlight of the first day of Local Jam, Mount Orchid showed how they could replicate their complex tones and melodies live.  The mix of modern indie and classic rock influences comes together in their performance of the title song from their latest EP.

Ornet - Glass Feelings
Progressive post punk trio Ornet continues to amaze with their live performances.  This energetic recording is the first time that the song has been available to the general public, and it does not disappoint as time signatures are shredded along with Drew Field’s voice.