Live Music 9/20 - 9/25

6:00 Shaun Ray at Palisade Brewery
7:00 Jon Wayne and the Pain/ Suckafish at Mesa Theater
10:00 Open Mic at Cruisers

7:00 Blood on the Dance Floor at Mesa Theater
9:00 Open Mic at Rockslide

7:00 Williams Brothers at Ella's Blues Room
8:00 The Wailers/ Zolopht at Mesa Theater

7:00 Georgia Sattelies/ Williams Brothers Band at Fruita Fall Fest
7:00 Tuck N Roll at Palisade Brewery
7:00 Haven Effect at TSV
8:00 Who's Bad Tribute at Mesa Theater
8:00 Jay Ketchum at The Warehouse
8:30  Miss Emily at Ella's Blues Room
9:30 Johnson County Coroners at Cruisers

12:00 Stray Grass/ Jenaveve Rose Mitchell/ Darryl Worley/ Jack + Jill at Fruita Fall Fest
5:00 Flat Top Reed/ Proper Medication at Red Fox Cellars
7:00 Scarlet Canary/ City of the Weak at TSV
7:00 Desert Moon at Palisade Brewery
8:00 Haven Effect at The Warehouse
8:30 Goodman Band at Ella's Blues Room
9:30 Huey, Dewy and Louie at Cruisers

11:00 Bluegrass Offenders at Fuita Fall Fest