Live Music 9/13 - 9/18

5:00 Donny Morales at Ale House
8:00 Kyle Harvie at Mesa Theater

9:00 Open Mic at Rockslide

4:30 Zac Grant at Ella's Blues Room
5:30 Bobbie Walker/ Goodman band at Downtown Farmers Market
7:00 Act of Defiance at Mesa Theater, $10/$15

5:00 Dixie Fest at Mesa Theater, $10
6:00 Timber at Edgewater Brewery
4:30 TIm+Richard/Zolopht at Red Fox Cellars
7:00 Bluegrass Offenders at Palisade Brewery
8:00 The Real Deal at The Warehouse
8:30 Johnson County Coroners at Ella's Blues Room
9:30 Advent Horizon at Cruisers

10:00 Peggy Malone at Fruita Farmers Market
10:30 The Navigators/ Dixie Leadfoot & The Chrome Struts at Colorado Mountain Winefest
5:00 Dixie Fest at Mesa Theater, $10
7:00 Retrospectacle at Palisade Brewery
8:00 Andrew Tufano at The Warehouse
8:00 Coral Skye at Suds Brothers
8:30 Take Five at Ella's Blues Room
9:30 Ulterior Motives at Cruisers

1:00 Andrew Wynne at Palisade Brewery