Live Music 8/22 - 8/28

5:00 Jake and Melissa Statler at Ale House
6:00 Will Whalen at GJ Rockies game
9:00 Cody Snow at Mesa Theater

5:00 Huey at Las Marias
9:00  Open Mic at Rockslide Brewery

4:30 Zac Grant at Ella's Blues Room
5:00 Ryan Harrison, John Devlin, Cody Snow at Thunderstruck
8:00 Wake Me at Mesa Theater, $8

6:00 Zolopht/Bronco Country at Baron's
7:00 We Speak Imaginese at Copper Club
7:00 LOCASH at The Warehouse
8:00 Bass Physics at Mesa Theater, $10
8:30 Hoodoo Hedz at Ella's Blues Room
9:00 TIffany Christopher at Cruisers, $5

10:00 Straight Curves at Fruita Farmers Market
5:00 Zolopht/ Toaster at The Ale House
6:00 We Speak Imaginese at Edgewater
6:00 Bicycle Annie/Flat Top Reed at GJHS Auditorium, $10
8:30 Donny Morales at Ella's Blues Room
9:00 Jay Ketchum at The Warehouse
9:30 Melody Pond at Cruisers, $5