Live Music 8/15 - 8/21

8:00 Open Mic at Mesa Theater

5:00 David Mensch at Ale House
8:00 Whitechapel at Mesa Theater, $15

5:00 Huey at Las Marias
9:00 Open Mic at Rockslide

4:30 AJ Fullerton at Ella's Blues Room
5:30 Downtown Farmers Market, music TBA

3:30 Palisade Peach Fest
7:00 Navigators at Wine Country Inn
7:00 Stray Grass at Palisade Brewery
8:30 Flat Top Reed at Ella's Blues Room
9:00 Clark Jensen at The Warehouse
9:00 Appleseed Collective at Sabrosa
9:30 Two Faces West at Cruisers

10:00 Will Whalen at Fruita Farmers Market
12:30  Palisade Peach Fest
6:00 The Oxymorons and Bicycle Annie at the Warehouse
7:00 Zolopht at Palisade Brewery
7:30  Michael Fracasso & Gabrielle Louise at Cavalcade
8:00 Haven Effect at Suds Brothers
8:00 Ces Crew at Mesa Theater, $15/$20
8:30 The Working Stiffs at Ella's Blues Room
9:00 Chris Epic at Sabrosa
9:30 Gerry Goodman at Cruisers

1:00  Zac Grant at Palisade Brewery
9:00 Clusterpluck at Cruisers