Live Music 7/4 - 7/10

8:00 The B Sharps at Mesa Theater

5:00 David Wilkinson at Bailey's Lounge

8:00  Shatterproof at Mesa Theater, $6/$8
9:00 Open Mic Night at Rockslide

4:30  Fiore Giorgianni at Ella's Blues Room
5:00 The Little Instigators at Bailey's Lounge
7:00 Karima Walker at Roasted
7:00 Snootch at Warehouse 2565
7:30 Stonefed at Fruita Civic Center Park
8:30 Williams Brothers Duo at Ella's Blues Room

1:00 Local Jam at Sweet River Gardens, $5
7:00 Retrospectacle at Wine Country Inn
8:00 Stray Grass at Palisade Brewery
8:30 Flat Top Reed at Ella's Blues Room
9:00 Amos Fortune Band at Sabrosa
9:30 Mike Gwinn & The Northfolk Flyers at Cruisers, $5

10:00 James Williams at Fruita Farmers Market
11:00 Local Jam at Sweet River Gardens, $5
5:00 Ric Gains at Bailey's Lounge
6:00 Stray Grass at Edgewater Brewery, $5
7:30 Morgan Crouse at Old Chicago
8:00 Tuck and Roll at Palisade Brewery
8:30 Lisa Lingo at Ella's Blues Room
9:30  Ponder the Albatross at Cruisers
10:00 Sobear at Sabrosa

10:00 Local Jam at Sweet River Gardens, $5
11:00  Manny Toro At Ella's Blues Room
5:00 Ric Gaines at Bailey's Lounge