Live Music 3/28 - 4/3

9:00 Karaoke at Sabrosa with Sobear

6:00 Andrew Wynne at Palisade Brewery, acoustic rock
8:00 at Ale House, acoustic rock

7:00 Kyle Harvey at Copper Club, Acoustic rock/Americana
7:30 Pickster and The Insects at TSV, Rap/EDM, $7/$10

7:00 ZOSO (Led Zeppelin Tribute) at Mesa Theater, $17/$20
9:00 The Blind Pets, deCollage, and Radicult at Baron's, Hard Rock, $5

7:00 Hemlock, Ektomorf, Sworn Us Under, and Scar Struck at Mesa Theater, Metal, $10/$15
8:00 Antiserum and JSTJR at Independence Ballroom, EDM, $10/$15
10:00 Navigators at Baron's, original rock
10:00 Neogene Dream and Radicult at Cruisers, Indie Rock, $5

6:00 Tim and Richard at the Ale House, acoustic rock
7:00 Navigators at Palisade Brewery, original rock
8:00 Thee Commons/Colfax Speed Queen at Mesa Theater, Hard Rock, $8
9:30 Goodman Band at Cruisers, rock covers, $5
10:00 Applebutter Express at Sabrosa, Americana