Joosed zest 1.jpg

Joosed Fruit IPA from Rockslide Brewery
Review by Kristian Hartter

In case you haven’t noticed, fruity IPAs are a pretty hot style lately with offerings nationally, including from Sam Adams and New Belgium. A local addition to this trend is Joosed, a very limited release brewed by Zorba Proteau at the Rockslide. While many beers of this style are made with fruit extracts to achieve their special character, Joosed is made with an entire pound of blood orange puree and the zest of half a mandarin orange per each gallon of finished beer. These special ingredients and Citra hops chosen for the flavor, aroma, and dry hop additions combine to create a bright and slightly tart IPA unlike anything built at Rockslide in their 23 year history. Despite being filtered, the ale is cloudy as though it is an unfiltered beer and has a deep peachy color in the glass. It is fizzy and the finish is clean, leaving only lingering flavors of citrus behind. It is reminiscent of a mimosa, less sweet with more pronounced bitterness. Zorba reports that future versions will likely have a larger hop addition to increase the bitterness. This beer’s 55 IBU is right in the middle of the American IPA range and the 6.5% ABV is hidden by the strong fruit flavor. Joosed is a terrifically refreshing and tart IPA with enough bitterness to balance the beer. It is unlike anything I have recently had and most definitely one of my favorite unique local offerings. Slainte!