In the Whale at Mesa Theater

In the Whale at Mesa Theater

In the Whale - Mesa Theater 2/23
By Greg Hartman

Originally, this space was going to feature a unique article from In The Whale that would have been a fun read.  Unfortunately, timelines couldn’t sync up and we’re stuck with the old normal show preview. Well, as normal as can be for the rising force that is In The Whale.  The Colorado based duo brings enough post punk sound to be a full group and we’re lucky to have them headline the Mesa Theater on February 23rd.

I’ve gotten to know Nate Valdez and Eric Riley a bit as they’ve been back through Grand Junction.  I first caught them at Riot Fest in 2014, where they played early on Sunday before getting on a plane and starting a tour.  They stopped by Baron’s in 2015 to play with Tight Thump and have had follow up shows at Mesa Theater. I’ve since learned that they played in town before that, though, at venues as small as the 4th door.  As their success grows, so have the crowds in Grand Junction.

Between stop offs in our town, the band is getting a lot of miles on the road.  Nation crossing tours and chances to play with big name bands like The Toadies, Offspring, and Gogol Bordello have helped the band get notice.  They’ve played Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. They’ve recorded an album in Dave Grohl’s studio. One could say they’re doing pretty well for themselves.

I’m sure Nate would have had some self deprecating take on all of that, but you can find out for yourself when In The Whale plays at Mesa Theater.  They have an impressive opening line up of locals, Wrestlemania, Ornet, and Moonfarmer. Wrestlemania is our own homegrown hard core duo, while Ornet brings their own post punk, progressive, technical rock, and Moonfarmer has a wall of stoner metal sound.  It is going to be a fun, impressive night of music and another chance for In The Whale to play a town they’ve grown along with.