17 Best Festival - Local Jam

17 Best Festival - Local Jam

GVL 17 Best

Recognition matters to build a community.  Weather its positive feedback from a stranger, a story in the local paper, or people knowing who you are when you enter your favorite venue.  We recognize people in our community to help build and define it.  Since February is traditionally media awards season, we decided to try something a bit more formal this year.

In December, we accepted nominations for the best of all the categories we cover.  Festivals, bands, albums, and beer.  While not scientific, especially factoring in the anonymity of an internet website, the list was solid.  Multiple genres and towns were represented, with no real bias present.  Those nominations were narrowed to a list of 10 in each category, as well as separating bands and duos into two categories.

The full poll went live the last weekend of 2017 and final results were taken on January 15th.  The results were interesting.  Some nominees reposted the poll, resulting in surges of one sided votes, but nothing irregular.  There were 612 total voters, with some skipping categories.  The closest results were favorite album and favorite song, which ended in a split result.  While each artist would probably have liked to win both, it makes a much more interesting story when they are split.

We asked some of the winners to write about each other, which they took time out of their busy schedules to do so.  One story literally came over social media as Zolopht drove towards Austin, TX.  Other winners allowed us to expand on their previous stories and point out why we love them.  Check out the list of nominees, as well, because several of them have huge plans for 2018.  Enjoy our coverage of the GVL 17 Best and we hope to see you at a show enjoying the ever expanding community.


Best Band - ZOLOPHT
Best Duo - Tim + Richard
Best Solo - Shaun Ray

Best Song - “Highwater” - Shaun Ray
Best Album - Where the Rivers Meet - Shea & Larren

Best Venue - Mesa Theater
Best Concert - Halloween Blowout 2 at Mesa Theater
- featuring Zolopht, Mount Orchid, Tim +Richard, and The Hollow Hearted
Best Festival - LocalJam
Best Brewery - Palisade Brewing Company
Community MVP - Angelica Ray