Samarillo Ale from Copper Club

Samarillo Ale from Copper Club

Copper Club - Fruita’s Living Room
By Kristian Hartter

Some months we cover just one beer, most months actually. This month I wanted to talk about a few things that Copper Club has been doing that are well worth a visit. Some of these things have come and gone, and some will be there for you in the future. In any case, it is a sure bet that you will enjoy something that Fruita's Living Room has to offer.

First off, let's talk about some more traditional style beers. Beer education is something that comes in many forms. My favorite is when a brewery showcases a specific hop. Copper Club has been making pale ales that do this very thing, starting with Space Force, a pale that made proper use of the Galaxy variety. Following that, the Wiamea Pale used the New Zealand sourced Wiamea hops. Now, Samarillo focuses on the Amarillo variety. Look forward to more varieties in this vein as more hops become available, like Chinook's Bottom made with locally grown Chinook hops. If traditional style pale ales are not to your liking, how about something with just a slight twist?

The Pale of Cherries is a beer that Copper Club makes once a year. It is based on a pale ale recipe but adds the flavors of tart cherries. Made using a combination of locally grown cherries and a pure fruit puree, the beer is not lacking in cherry notes or pale ale character. It is not sweet, but rather has a bit of a tartness and a great hoppy balance, though I have learned form a regular customer that combining it with one of the single-hop pale ales makes for a really lovely concoction.

The last thing I want to talk about is hard seltzer. You read that right. This is not your White Claw, though. It is made with the same techniques as all of the beers at Copper Club and includes only whole fruit puree, as in the case of the one I tried: raspberry. It has a gorgeous color and tastes just like the fruit in the name. I am not a huge fan of hard seltzer, but I found myself drinking these one after another. It is a great alternative for those who either don't like beer or are looking for something a bit different.

If you haven't been to Copper in a while, now is a great time to check them out again. Keep an eye on their event calendar as they regularly have live music, from local favorites to special out of town acts, to satisfy your need for entertainment to go along with their lovely beer. Slainte.

Kristian Hartter hosts Beer Geeks on KAFM radio, teaches beer appreciation at WCCC, and is a member of the Grand Junction Commission of Arts and Culture.