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Cloak and Dagger Club
By Greg Hartman

Formed in February 2018, Cloak and Dagger Club is a new rock band made up of experienced road warriors, plus the new guy.  Lead singer Josh Roberts and drummer Marc Hoaglund spent years playing together in Loaded 45. For their new project, they brought in another longtime punk rocker with Tobias Peltier, formerly of As If and If I fail.  Then, came the new guy in Josh’s co-worker from No Coast Sushi, bassist Dylan Lopez. The four are still figuring out their band’s identity and path forward, but one thing they do know is how to make great rock music.

The band’s name is meant to conjure intrigue and espionage, which fits in with the amount of experience the band has amassed.  Tobias points out how satisfying it is to be recording a new project as an adult, as they can actually afford good equipment to make it sound the way they want.  Obviously their former bands influence the new group, but they all point out to Hot Water Music as a common bond, while the rhythm section is united with a love for thrash metal.

An initial EP was recorded over 5 days at Fusion Audio Solutions, which they have since named The Way Out is Through.  After locking in the drum tracks on a long first day, the group came back for another long day and three more moderate days to fill in the guitars and vocals.  The result will remind some of Loaded 45 at first listen, but the influence of Tobias’s guitar work and Dylan’s focused bass brings a more skate punk tone. The four songs are just the start of the group’s work together, but should inform listeners as to where the band is going.

The EP opens with the anthem “Beers, Fights, and Kickass Nights”.  The song serves as a celebration of live music and the hours spent on the road performing it.  Josh points out the bond created while touring, a venue may be hostile and the only person with your back is your bandmate.  This creates an us vs. the world mentality and is a big part of what makes dyi music work.

Following is “Goodbye Again”, a song the band came up with as a theme that Josh followed lyrically.  The song is part tribute, part lament towards losing yet another friend much too early. Each member has experienced it in a different way, in different circumstances, but all can share their stories of tragic loss, be it by suicide, overdose, or accident.  The song veers sonically towards hard rock, showing a possible direction for new songs.

The third track is entitled “Liar”, a song about cutting people out of your life.  The song is catchy with backing vocals and a pace that demands a raging mosh pit. The EP finishes with “Stealing a Moment”, a song about recapturing the past for an afternoon.  Directly influenced by meeting up with an ex girlfriend to catch up for a meal after 13 years, the track verges on pop punk while maintaining a rough edge.

The four tracks have been completed and mastered as of our deadline, so The Way Out is Through should be out sometime in late November or early December, depending on processing time.  Until then, you can catch the Cloak and Dagger Club opening for CYK at Mesa Theater on 11/11. Also keep an eye on DYI venues and house shows as the band continues to grab attention in the Grand Valley and beyond.