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Chesty Vulva - Subjects
By Punk-O-Punx

What do you get when you take an untold story of the land of Oz and dip it in 50,000 micrograms of LSD, and then mix in grunge, metal and punk? You get SUBJECTS by Chesty Vulva, local resident artist and musician bent on tearing your ears off your head and making you question reality as it is. Brian Salazar knew exactly what he was doing when he created this work of art. Playing 99% of the instruments and performing all the vocals on this record shows his prowess as a one man band.

First of all, this is not just an album, it is a full on psychedelic experience. The progressive storyline and layers of atmospheric instruments are matched by ethereal vocals which take you to another place, and that place is blazing green with prismatic emeralds. Make sure to keep the lyric sheet handy because you don't want to miss a single line. The subjects of this kingdom seem familiar until you actually walk up to them and see they are stark raving mad.

The musical influences and references in this album are so thick you could not cut them even with a knife. At every turn it transforms feeling almost schizophrenic, but in a good way. Chesty Vulva is certainly flexing his muscles of being a connoisseur of at least four different decades of amazing music.

Along this yellow dick road we meet so many off-their-rocker characters that at some points it seems that this emerald city has been ravaged by opium and heroin. Huddled masses in corners shaking and screaming to be free, tearing down the curtain of the mind, leaving to the wind social graces and politeness. Eating anything they can find to keep going on this crazy trip.

When the fever dreams won’t stop coming, and you are starting to doubt which horror is reality, you realize this is ALL real. The Television is here to eat our heads for dinner and wants us to bow down and worship it, even though we are bleeding out.  The veins of this throbbing ensemble are coursing with the venom of biting social commentary on love, life, & distrust of the pop culture.

All in all, this album is like a breath of fresh of air for our local scene. It  brings something most have not seen or heard and making it alive and pulsating right before our very ears.

I think this album is amazing and cannot wait to the follow up to this release.

This album is available locally, directly through the artist as well as triple play records downtown on main. It is also available online at on bandcamp.

It comes in Cd, digital download and black, green, & yellow vinyl.

If you like any of these bands, you will Love Chesty Vulva:  Ween, old Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, Porno for Pyros, Nirvana, John Lennon, Butthole Surfers, or The Smiths.