A Quick Bobby (Hodown) Breakdown!

Let’s pretend that we are all deeply involved in an online role playing game where you get to create characters based upon their unique occupations and realities.  If you wanted to gain the maximum points for an all-around musical mastermind, you would most likely end up creating Bobby Hodown.

However, Bobby is much more than a musician.  He’s a glass blowing, handcrafting, board-running badass who runs the sound at Mesa Theater and fronts the incredibly eclectic band Shotgun Hodown.  Bobby produces GJ sound like Prince played guitar; it’s a perfect party every time.

“It’s easy when you have a brand new, $200,000 sound system to run”, Hodown humbly replies when broached with the subject of his own, obvious ability.

With dreads to the mid-back and a quiet confidence that has impressed a spectrum of musicians from the Reverend Horton Heat and the Motet, to the smallest, newest local bands that are blown away by how good Bob can make them sound.  Hunter S. Thompson referred to people like Bobby as “God’s Prototypes” – too queer to mass-produce but too beautiful to destroy.  Those kind of people, my friends, are needed now more than ever.   He is a true renaissance man.   

When I first interviewed Bobby, I must admit, that I was subconsciously bracing myself for a jagged conversation that would be very comfortable snuggled inside a Cheech and Chong script.  As I began to understand the multitude of artesian endowment the man had been given, I was transported into a place of sheer gratitude for what he brings to the Grand Valley.

Music fans on the Western Slope understand how precious a true artist is.  More importantly, the ability to connect with and please national touring artists, along with the local groups, means so much to Junction’s core musical-movement.

Bobby loves it here and if you get to know him, you’ll get to understand a man that’s seen it all from every angle and somehow someway found himself in his apparent paradise here in Western Colorado.
All you have to do is come to a show at the Mesa when Bobby is running the board to understand what he means to our “scene” (sorry Matt Z).  Even better, come and witness Shotgun Hodown the next time they are showing off and be a part of the art that we at GVL respect and enjoy.