Best Video of 2018

“Blood on the Floor” - NC 17’s

This opening salvo from the NC 17’s showed what to expect for the group, unflinching artistic integrity and a scene where Ryan Harrison has blood dumped on him.  Rock and Roll needs its agitators and this video helped the Grand Valley remember that punk rock should not be safe.

“Warrior” - Zolopht

A tribute to fallen friend of many and one of the biggest supporters of the music scene, Warrior touched the hearts of many.  Recorded at 970 West Studios for their last video release of the year, the sound and video production are impressive as well.

“Jack’s Lament” - Shea Bramer

This cover of a song from Nightmare Before Christmas was shot at a haunted house in the Mesa Mall.  A love letter to Halloween, Bramer is in full skeletal make up and lets his voice hit every creepy or soaring note.

“Welcome Home” - Sworn Us Under

As good as the studio recording of this song is, this video sends chills down the spine.  The band’s chemistry and technical skill are on display as Dante lets his voice roar through the recording.  Many were surprised when 970 West announced the video session, but the results show how much variety there is in our music scene.

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