Best Song of 2018
Previous winners -
2014 “Requiem for 9 -5” - Jack and Jill.  
2015 “Colorado” - Zolopht.
2016 “Best Day” - The Wrong Impressions.  
2017 “Highwater” - Shaun Ray.

This year’s nominees are:

“Colorado Girl” - Five 14

A song dedicated to growing up in Western Colorado, Five 14 paint a picture of the Valley that warms the heart.  If there was a “Rocky Mountain High” for this side of the state, that is this song.

“Wasted Youth” - Truck Stop Quickies

An epic song where the character overdoses in his dealers home and then passes away, this epic hard rock throwback echoes Pink Floyd while addressing drug abuse with unflinching passion.

“That Guy Thinks My Girlfriend is Hot” - Shea & Larren

A tale about having a big name artist hitting on the lead singer’s girlfriend, the song is a surprising humble take on appreciating what you have going for you in life.  The country rock combination just begs for this to be a crossover hit.

“Two Worlds” - Wave 11

The long telling of how the group came to form, Two Worlds shows what amazing things are coming for Wave 11’s future.  Danceable, singable, and quotable, this song helped establish them as one of the top acts of 2018.

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