Best Concert of 2018

Sworn Us Under/ Stone Def/ LAD Theory - Mesa Theater

Tha album release for The Stone Man stand out in many people’s memory

Concert for Connie - Mesa Theater

Wave 11, Stray Grass, Tim & Richard, Peach Street Revival and Zolopht got put on this impressive show of community support to a fallen member of our community.

Ornet/ Badger: Badger/ Molly Mountain - Baron’s

The return of Molly Mountain was a highlight of this night that caught the magic of a great crowd and performances from a diverse group of musicians.

Truck Stop Quickies/ The Wrong Impressions/ The NC-17’s - Mutual Friends

The album release for the Truckstop Quickies brought fans young and formerly young out to celebrate new music, while skaters enjoyed the indoor quarter pipe between acts.

Best Festival of 2018

Fruita Fall Fest

Tight Thump opened for Atomga on one stage, while country and bluegrass artists played on another as the city of Fruita came alive with a carnival atmosphere.

Local Jam

Headlined by Mount Orchid, Stray Grass, and Suckafish, the 4th annual Local Jam continued to bring the music community together for a great cause.

Downtown Music Festival

Sure, the bike race helps fund a good chunk of this annual event, but the focus on local talent and community building makes this event even bigger.  Headliners Zolopht and Ralph Dinosaur had 4th and Main packed to the brim.

Colorado Riverfest

While the 100 degree heat kept some from missing half the day, the end result was an event celebrating the Colorado River.  The reunion of Pineapple Crackers was a definite highlight.

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