Best Album of 2018

Live From the Radio Room - Stray Grass

This ambitious 2 CD release features originals, influential bluegrass songs, and new takes on rock favorites.  Recorded live at the KAFM Radio Room in one take with no overdubs, this is the most authentic live record to come out of the Grand Valley.

The Truckstop Quickies - Self Titled

From an unlikely group comes an unlikely album that is an amazing document of their love for music.  Producer Taylor Riley knew they had something special, and they all pushed themselves to nail every harmony, guitar solo, and bass beat.  All parts of rock and roll are the tools for the Quickies to make an impressive debut album.

I Am Here - Andy Bowen

After shutting himself off from music and life, Bowen found his way back with the help of his wife and rediscovery of his art.  Part self help guide, part diary of pulling himself together, I Am Here is an accessible and incredibly self aware hip hop album.  A guest spot from Prophecy the Iron Monk is the icing on the cake for anyone who needs some grounded inspiration over killer beats.

The Stone Man - Sworn Us Under

After 10 years and some unsuccessful recording attempts, Sworn Us Under finally released The Stone Man.  The tracks are a testament to where the band has been and where it may go, with Jupiter standing out for many fans.  The variety of sounds, styles, and song structure show that the ban has plenty of foundation to build on for their future.

Subjects - Chesty Vulva

While he has felt like a ghost in his hometown, Bryan Salazar has loved making music that is a few beats off the norm.  With influence from Dr. Demento and The Residents, he has crafted his own music from the ground up. After seeing success last year having his cover of “Hanging by His Hair” picked for a Residents cover album, he continued to create one of 2018’s most interesting albums.  Part cautionary tale of social control, part Oz on Acid soundscape, Subjects is an adventure worth taking.

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