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Shaun Ray
17 Best Solo Artist and Song

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help identify how beautiful everything around you is. A veteran and river ranger by profession, Shaun Ray jumped at the chance to move from Alabama to the Grand Valley in 2011.  Thankfully, he also brought along his guitar and range of life experience.  He fell in quickly with local powerhouse Lowlands as an opener and continues to collaborate with singer/songwriter Jeremy Riser, despite his relocation to Montana.

As a solo artist, Shaun brings a mix of originals and impactful rock covers.  He is often joined by Wille DeForde, also of Lowlands, to expand the sound with a variety of instruments.  Willie joined Shuan and on his solo debut, Fool To Your Crown and they form the core of the band are Ruby Horsethief. On New Years Eve he opened for Zolopht at Baron’s, introducing an electric set that included a loop station.  

Shaun Ray also won 17 Best Song, for his track “Highwater”.  The song paints a vivid picture of rafting and camping along the Colorado River, specifically when a long day of adventure is followed with peaceful evening and open sky.  The song has shown to have an impact on anyone familiar with river culture, receiving praise from around the state.  The interaction of people with nature and human nature provide a strong base for Shaun’s songwriting.  

Ray also released a 2nd album in 2017, From Afar, a collaboration with Jeremy Riser under the name Clyde and Steel.  The duo finds great chemistry with a stripped down mix of country and acoustic rock.  The two are already making plans to record Shaun’s second solo album, which will expand upon the social commentary elements Fool To Your Crown.  Make sure to keep an eye out for one of the Grand Valley’s most dynamic performers and songwriters.