Zolopht headlines the Downtown Music Festival  (photo by Greg Hartman)

Zolopht headlines the Downtown Music Festival  (photo by Greg Hartman)

Zolopht Rich
By: Mustang Sally & Angelica Ray

Can you feel it?  Can you feel it? The Air that I breathe?  -Zolopht, “Air”

There’s no mistaking the energy that fills the air in the days leading up to a Zolopht show.  The buzz around town becomes more audible, and waves of excitement more evident.  You can feeeeeel it!

What is it that makes Zolopht so special to the Grand Valley and those they encounter along their journeys?  To us, they absolutely bring 100% love and good vibes to their performances and to everything they do on and off the stage. All the while, remaining unassuming musicians, performers and beings who appear to truly enjoy what they are doing.  When we sway to their music, dance our hearts out and sing along with them at their live shows, we can only hope they realize we are only mirroring them and their goodness.  

Over the years they have evolved, they have built a tribe of family, friends and discoverers of their music.  They take the time, listen to others, and bring what we want to shows and events - whether we realize we need it or not.  They expand in their generosity by allowing other talent to share the stage with them in order to bring an epic experience to those who support them.  They stand up for what they believe in and give back to our community on matters that need attention. Their energy is nothing short of magic.

Whether it’s singing for our dancing queen, arranging benefit shows for beloved fans, or bringing awareness to mental health and childhood cancer, they are tops in our book within the community’s movers and shakers.  They bind us together and push us closer towards peace, love and healing with a hearty touch of rowdiness.  They make you believe music is the answer. This is what makes them special.  

Simply put, they are our boys and we are ever so fortunate that others recognize that they are our community’s favorite band for 2017.  Whether you’re at every show or have never experienced Zolopht yet, get to their next show; they’ll make you feel happy you did!